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The Territory

Place to visit…ed Emotions to live: land of traditions and Butteri, of animals in the wild and old villages offers breathtaking emotions never ending for the lovers of nature and outdoor life. Could not visit our villages and important historical center (Massa Marittima, Pitigliano, Magliano in Toscana, Castiglione della Pescaia…), very important archaeological Etruscan and Roman areas(Roselle, Vetulonia, Populonia, Pitigliano, Sovana, Sorano…), as well as nature reserves with Parks and oasis (Parco Naturale della Maremma, oasi WWF di Semproniano, Centro Carapax di Massa Marittima for the protection of turtles, the zone of the padule of Diaccia Botrona, the Laguna di Orbetello…) and also thermal areas (Saturnia, Petriolo, Calidario di Venturina, Sorano…), to continue with splendid eno -gastronomic routes to the rediscovery of aromas and flavors of traditional peasant accompanied by fine wines DOC.

Activities: long walks in contact with nature, mini golf, golf, horse riding, trekking, cycling and hiking mountain biking, bird watching, golf, tennis, surfing, wind surfing, kite, canoeing, fishing… or simply relax on the beach reading a good book!                   

 In particular……

Natural Park of Maremma: 25Km of Natural Park of coastline between the sea, hills, cliffs and sandy beaches, surrounded by swamps, pine forests and farmlands. Frequently you can encounter along the routes (with different degrees of difficulty) wild animals as deer, roe deer, wild boar, nutrie, hundreds species of birds… The park is open all year including holidays and tickets can be purchased at the Centres visits Alberese or Talamone and offers the opportunity to visits on horseback, Coaches, canoeing and bike in all seasons. From Alberese 8.5 km for a bike path connecting Marina di Alberese.

Excursions canoe on the River Ombrone: fun trips booked directly by customers with canoes plunged 10 places in the centre of the Park of Maremma with expert guides. Walking carriage or on horseback excursions for the whole family or friends to discover a nature yet rich and suggestive, immersed in the beauty of pine forest of Tombolo or surrounded by intense colors of the countryside.

Castiglione della Pescaia: delightful village of Roman origin, could be the center of Salebru quoted by sources itinerarie romane. The medieval country has developed on the summit of Mount Petriccio within mighty walls with 11 towers and 3 portals and the Castle XV. that keep intact their charm, such as small streets of stone, the ancient portals and arches that susseguono. The country is an ancient fishing village (hence the name) and the port-channel every night pull up boats fishing with their cargo.

Diaccia Botrona and Casa Ximenes: the first is a Wetland of International importance both for the variety of plant species, both for the role it plays in supporting the migration and wintering birds. Represent what remains of a wider area marshy, affected by an artificial water system, carried out at different times, for the remediation of a good part of the plain between Castiglione and Grosseto. Of interest is the geological formation of Macigno in outcropping along the road is the second Panoramica. The 'Emblem of padule and its bonifica is the "Red House", was built in the eighteenth century. by Leonardo Ximenes, head of the works for the remediation from Grand Leopoldo. to flow water through a complex system of cataracts, and marginally was also used for catching eels.

Vetulonia: Etruscan city, inhabited even in Roman times and location of a medieval castle, is located within the municipality of Castiglione della Pescaia. The excavations of the city and the necropolis of Vetulonia are accessible throughout the days. The Museum, recently restored, is within the country in Piazza Vetluna.

Massa Marittima: situated 20 km from the sea to a height of 400m, Massa Marittima spread between the "old town", a collection around the magnificent dome, characterized by an intense medieval flavor and a great artistic value, and the "new city ", An expansion designed in 1228.

Grosseto: Grosseto, the beautiful and noble city is the capital of the province and maintains at the historic walls hexagonal with the Cassero Senese and 6 bastions acting as posts guardia. Splendid the Dome with the baptismal font and the rosette, the Museum rich archeological sites, the main street full of shops, the aquarium communal grouping the fish species of which are rich our seabed and the old road medieval structure.

Saturnia: thanks to the therapeutic properties of its waters sulphur Terme di Saturnia add to the beauty of living the benefits of a relaxing natural care. From every part spring water until smoky and hot and exclusive cottage Molino del Gorello, where you can do bathrooms in large tanks natural, under the suggestive waterfalls. Near arise modern thermal plants with the wellness center (admission fee).

Elba Island: is part of the Tuscan and is the third Italian island for dimensioni.Dista from the port of piombino 10Km.Da see the Villa of Napoleon (entrance fee) and the small mine. You can visit independently or with trips organized booked directly at the reception.

Isola del Giglio: Another beautiful islands of the Tuscan opposite the Argentario promontory. Boarding is possible independently from the port Boxing Day with frequent departures or trips booked directly at the reception.

...and MANY MANY OTHER!!!!!!

The territory

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